Where it all began
Jo and Steve started their practice and experienced all the highs and lows of trying to run and grow a practice, employ team, get new patients, help the patients get well. They became challenged by the Business side of practice, experience frustration and burn out and knew they had to change things or close the practice.
A chance meeting with a 'Blue Cow' (Via a Children's Cartoon) showed them they did not have the right mindset, strategy or systems to create their dream practice so they set about learning. As a result they designed their 5 V Blue Cow technology.
The new Blue Cow strategies helped them turn their stressful practice around, and they had less stress, more joy, more fun and abundance of patients and happy team. They were able to create a 7 figure practice that they did not have to work in if they didn't want to. Not being 'chained to the practice', creating a compelling business model that was innovative and lead to them developing a passion for helping others develop their practices.
Jo and Steve have now sold their practices and work full time coaching, training, mentoring and consulting practice owners around the world. They have helped hundreds of practice owners and love bringing many of them together at the annual Blue Cow Congress.
We love our Blue Cow community and also love meeting new practice owners who may want to come and join us for the Blue Cow Experience!

Congress is about community! Learning, growing, hanging out, networking, sharing ideas, fun and relaxing with like minded Blue Cows. You will return home inspired and ready to implement to achieve your next goals.
Hemi Vadgama
Enfield Chiropractic Clinic
'Jo and Steve will help you create your dream practice, increase turnover, get more patients - whatever you want. I wouldn’t be where I am without their coaching and guidance!'
Hemi Vadgama
Enfield Chiropractic Clinic
'Jo and Steve will help you create your dream practice, increase turnover, get more patients - whatever you want. I wouldn’t be where I am without their coaching and guidance!'

Blue Cow Congress is the ONLY event in the world that brings together Practice owners and their teams to work on their practice and team growth with fellow Blue Cows. Not only do we have the most amazing speakers, our positive community of like minded people is second to none. All using our Life changing and practice changing strategies. 


There is power in proximity! A blue cow is a practice owner or team member who simply wants to be the best they can be! They refuse to settle, they want a world class practice, that is lead by an inspired owner and team, that runs like a well oiled machine. With no stress, lots of fun and a focus on changing lives through an outstanding patient care experience. 

This is where practice owners and their teams come together to learn and grow and have lots of fun, laughter and inspiration. The feedback we get every year about this awesome day is mind blowing! It's not just about the speakers, it's about the positive community. We become like who we hang out with and hanging out with hundreds of fellow Blue Cows is totally inspiring!

AND MUCH MORE! We have team exercises designed to help your team work together and go home with practice success strategies they can implement immediately. 

There is nothing like being in a room with an inspired community of practice owners who are just like you. They know what it takes to grow a W.O.W. practice and are using the proven success strategies that we teach at Blue Cow. In addition to our awesome line up of speakers, we are excited to for our Blue Cow Round table mastermind, where our community can brainstorm and share ideas. Our mastermind table leaders have all grown successful practices and are motivated to share and help others achieve success too. 

**Please kindly note, Day two is for practice owners only.**


Check out the video below to see photos from the Blue Cow Congress.
Meet Your Hosts and Keynote Speakers!
Jo Davison
Steve Davison
Hello! We opened a chiropractic practice in 2001 and were full of excitement, enthusiasm and  frantic energy and although we were great practitioners, we didn’t understand the business of owning a practice. 

Our business became a rollercoaster ride of wonderful highs and desperate lows as we tried to  learn the ‘business of running a practice’. 

We were surrounded by a group of uninspired staff that turned up late, went sick a lot, and didn’t 
believe in what we were doing. The patients we attracted weren’t much better: they would miss
their appointments and drop off their courses of care.

We coped with the stress in different ways. The final straw came when we realised that we had lost  who we were and were trapped in our practice. If we were there, things were OK, but if we took any time off, the practice nose dived. 

Our practice was CONSUMING US and that was KILLING US!

We decided things had to change or we had to close the practice.

Our practice and our life TRANSFORMED after we committed to taking action after being inspired by a cartoon called BLUE COW!

Blue Cow was dynamic, optimistic and didn’t want to  settle, despite being discouraged by her ‘brown cow peer group’. We knew we needed to become blue cows and set ourselves free. 

That’s when we studied successful businesses and practices all around the world and created our  ‘secret sauce’. Something so profound that it would end up transforming our practice and our life.

We call it our 5 V Technology.

As a result we created a SEVEN FIGURE practice that would run with or without us. We built our dream team, attracted patients who became raving fans, won national chiropractic and customer service awards. We started having fun and we were able to create a life we loved.

News of our success travelled and we found ourselves being approached by chiropractors, osteopaths, sports massage therapists, dentists and acupuncturists who show them how we achieved our dream practice and Blue Cow practice was born. 

We now coach and mentor practice owners (fellow Blue Cows) all around the world full-time. We have helped hundreds of practice owners and their teams create and grow their dream practice.

Our results are outstanding and we would love to help you too! We will be sharing some of our TRANSFORMATIONAL practice building techniques at the Blue Cow Congress.
Our Speaker Line-Up Is Pretty Incredible
(each one of them will give you a strategy you can implement immediately to rocket your practice this autumn!)
Speakers on Day 1:
Jo Davison
Retention Mastery! How to create and maintain and busy patient list
It doesn't matter how many new patients you attract in your practice, unless you have clear and ethical retention strategies, your patients will drop off care before they have achieved the best results and outcomes.
The cycle continues, you add in more new patients, more drop off and we keep going through the same loop. Its a common mistake amongst practice owners and associates.
Jo will be sharing some retention mastery secrets that will help you create and maintain a busy list (in line with your scope of practice) and break the 'NP DROP OFF' Cycle.
You will be able to start using these as soon as you return to your practice the following week!
Steve Davison
The emotional subluxation and how to fix it
The many headed monster known as dis-ease has a common precursor - the emotional subluxation. Remove it and miracles start to happen.
Andy Whittaker
Art of Being Brilliant
Andy is a trainer, best-selling author and frustrated comic and he's been described as the best thing to come out of Morecambe since the M6 motorway.

Andy co-writes the Being Brilliant series of books with Andy Cope and has claimed all the really good bits as his own. Passionate about Positive Psychology, he has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to leadership, communication, human interaction. 
And has delivered to companies as diverse as DHL, University of Nottingham, Ginsters, AstraZeneca, Pirelli and The National Trust. His keynotes are thought-provoking, inspiring and very funny!

Andy will inspire your team to step up and focus on being Brilliant. If you have an inspired team, your practice will soar!

Lalit Sodha
How I got 230 google reviews and turned my New Patient attraction into 40% from the internet
Lalit Sodha D.C. has been in practice for 28 years. In the recent years, having association with the Blue Cow Universe, the practice has risen to a great height. 

His practice generates in excess of 80 New Patients every month through various sources.
The clinic has established a very professional google review system, which allows them to get 40% of their new patients from this method alone!

The Clinic is known as the “Kings of the Spinal Screenings” however now with the google review strategy, they are leaders in generating New patients via the internet. 

Lalit will be sharing his awesome ‘Google review system’ for getting new clients. He will give you strategies you can return home and implement immediately. 
Felicity Crone
5 top tips for a successful paediatric practice
Felicity graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2007. Knowing that she always wanted to pursue a career in paediatrics and pregnancy care; she dedicated her professional life to learning as much as possible in these areas and now runs a successful paediatric and pregnancy clinic in Aberdeenshire. 
In 2016 she became a breastfeeding counsellor and has spent hundreds of hours of her time supporting mums and babies to breastfeed. She is currently working towards becoming a lactation consultant in 2020, she will be first person in the UK to hold these two degrees. 

Felicity is the creator of the "infant drop in clinic"; a revolutionary clinical concept hat has been replicated by many clinics across the country. Felicity teaches other chiropractors and osteopaths about breastfeeding and infant care and has spoken at the Royal College of Chiropractors Paediatric and Pregnancy events. 

She is very passionate about empowering other chiropractors and osteopaths to have the confidence to pursue a successful paediatric practice. 
Andrew Green
PART ONE: Growing Your Wellbeing Membership - A Team Approach 
Andrew Green has developed his
bold communication style whilst working in the diverse roles of Chiropractor and Coach. Andrew is a Blue Cow mentor and regularly teaches and mentors on the Blue Cow coaching programmes. 

Andrew will be discussing the Blue Cow Strategies that helped him and wife Laura (and their awesome team) grow their wellbeing community to over 600 members in a few short years of being part of the Blue Cow community. He will be sharing what worked and what didn't, so you can grow your wellbeing community without having to re-invent the wheel. Andrews story will inspire you to think bigger for your practice. 

Having seen a huge growth in his practice over the last couple of years, Andrew is passionate about helping you grow your dream practice too.

Plus: Learn from top Blue Cow teams...
Team ChiroNL
Our Blue Cow strategies work outside the UK too! Clinic exists 14 years now and team exists of three DC's (4 including CBO), 5 CA's and 3 MT's. And of course our team member Stella the Blue Cow! We are located in the south of The Netherlands.
Team Holland will be sharing how they use Blue Cow 
visibility tools to grow their practice. They will share how they attract an abundance of New patients consistently to ensure they reach more and more people every month. 
Team Stoke-Chiro
Team Stoke-Chiro will be sharing the Vibe, particularly with respect to culture.
The team at Stoke Chiro have been part of the Blue Cow Universe for over 4 years, over this time our centre has grown to 17 team members and seeing over 500 visits per week. We are active members of all the blue cow online groups and are looking forward to having some fun with you all and speaking on stage at this years event. This year we would like to share some of our success stories relating to vibe, team culture and building our community.
Speakers on Day 2
Jo Davison
Stepping up as a Blue Cow Leader
As a practice owner, it is vital we develop our leadership skills to be able to lead our team in a world class way The best practices are run by inspiring leaders and to attract and keep the best team members, you have to work on being the best leader. Consistently.
Jo will be sharing some Blue Cow Leadership strategies that will help you communicate more effectively with your team, delegate better and inspire your team more to achieve faster results as you grow your practice together. 

Steve Davison
Creating your future in Practice
"The Future belongs to those who prepare for it today” - Where do you want to be a year, two or three years from now? What are you doing to make it happen? Are you taking habits from your past into your future and hoping for a new result? Steve will walk you through a new plan for a new future in Chiropractic.
Estelle Keeber
Instagram Queen
Estelle is known as THE INSTAGRAM QUEEN. She will be showing us how to attract more new patients and raise our practice profile using Instagram. After Estelle's talk you will know exactly why your practice must be using Instagram and go home with some solid 'How to' strategies that you can implement immediately. 
Jemma Firth
Build a "With or Without You" Practice
Mother of 3 kids and a dog, wife to 1 husband and owner of 1 Spinal Health Centre.

Jemma has worked with Jo and Steve for 3 years now, and received ‘Female Business Owner of the Year’ at last year’s congress. 

With the support of Jo and Steve, Jemma has taken Alba from a very bland, NHS provider, into a vibrant, growing practice that is now truly functioning in a ‘WOW’ way (With Or Without her).

Jemma will be sharing exactly how she achieved this so that you can too.
Rosemary Folker
Who Moved My Cheese?
Rosemary is an award-winning mentor in the Blue Cow community.

She runs the award winning centre, Norwich Spinal Health with her husband Neil. 

Having been exposed to chiropractic all her life, she is passionate about the profession and its direction.

Alongside Neil, she was one of the founding members of the United Chiropractic Association and has enjoyed speaking at some of their conferences. Rosemary is passionate about helping fellow practice owners achieve success on their terms using the Blue Cow Technology. She regularly leads Blue Cow Chiropractic Assistant trainings and mentors on some of the Blue Cow courses. 

Rosemary will be talking about how to recruit Associates and Massage therapists and how to successfully integrate them into your practice. As times have changed since she and Neil started their practice, they have been pioneers in a new associate recruitment and training programme and she will be sharing her insights which will inspire you to think bigger.  

Hannah and Andy Knibbs
Our Voyage from a Normal to WOW World Class Practice
Hannah and Andy are going to share the before and after story of how they transformed their 'normal' centre into a world class award winning, WOW centre with an amazing Vibe. 

When you see their centre, you cannot help be inspired by the beauty, innovation and brand they have created. 

They will give you lots of hints and tips about how you can make your centre unique. 
Andrew Green
PART TWO: Growing Your Wellbeing Membership - A Practice Owner Perspective 
Andrew Green has developed his
bold communication style whilst working in the diverse roles of Chiropractor and Coach. Andrew is a Blue Cow mentor and regularly teaches and mentors on the Blue Cow coaching programmes. 

Andrew will be discussing the Blue Cow Strategies that helped him and wife Laura (and their awesome team) grow their wellbeing community to over 600 members in a few short years of being part of the Blue Cow community. He will be sharing what worked and what didn't, so you can grow your wellbeing community without having to re-invent the wheel. Andrews story will inspire you to think bigger for your practice. 

Having seen a huge growth in his practice over the last couple of years, Andrew is passionate about helping you grow your dream practice too.
Susanne Heesen
Fearful practice owner to success: My Story
Susanne Heesen is the owner of two chiropractic clinics in the Netherlands, which specialise in bringing optimum health to clients using an integrated approach of Chiropractic, Massage, fysiotherapy, exercise, nutrition and mindset.
Susanne opened her first clinic in the Netherlands in 2005, second followed in 2007. She is also a very proud mother of two lovely twin girls of nearly 8 years old.
Susanne's journey with Blue Cow and Jo and Steve began in 2015 when she arrived in their community frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck. Her practices appeared to have hit a rut and she didn't know how to get out of it. Susanne worked on her mindset and implemented the 5 V technology and turned her practices around. She will be sharing how she moved from fear and frustration to practice success and giving her top tips on how you can achieve success in your practice too. 
Angel Koonar Turner
How to overcome the OVERWHELM of starting a Chiropractic Business by yourself
Angel Turner graduates in 2008 from WIOC and worked as an associate for 6.5 years. During that time Angel learnt what type of Chiropractor she wanted to be, but she also learnt what type of practice she wanted (as well as learning what she really didn't want). In 2014 she realised that she wanted to run her own practice, the planning began and in 2015 Nurture Chiropractic became a reality. Angel started the practice wearing every hat that existed whilst growing the business. During these 4 years the journey has been an intense rollercoaster, however Angel has a flourishing business with a PM, CAs and MTs. Angel even managed to have her son and the business actually maintained rollercoaster. It wasn't easy, but you can do it when you implement the right formulas.
WE WILL ALSO HAVE MASTERMIND TABLES ON DAY 2 Where you can 'pick the brains' of our speakers and return home with your questions answered and with the tools you need to grow your practice starting the very next week.
And Our Brilliant MC...
Jermaine Harris
When firemen cut him from the wreckage of a car, it shook Jermaine Harris up momentarily as he thought he’d never walk again. But it was a football accident a year later – when he was told, “You may have to lose your leg” – that finally convinced him to change his life. Prior to this, Jermaine was drinking as many as 24 bottles of wine and vodka per week.

Since then, Jermaine, who has a Sports Psychology BSc (Hons) and MSc (Dist), has got out of debt, lost a stone of Body Fat, put on 10 Pounds of Muscle, cured himself of asthma, ran a Half Marathon and the London Marathon, started a Business, wrote a book, became an award winning speaker, met the woman of his dreams and is now a father.

Jermaine now works as an empowerment trainer and runs motivational, team building days that can include many different 'activities' including firewalking! He also is the founder and leader of The Child H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. programmer for 5-14 year olds.

Jermaine is a Blue Cow who has been MC-ing and speaking with Jo and Steve for a few years now. Jermaine will inspire you and your team and ensure you have an awesome time at our event. 

On Thursday evening we host our exclusive Blue Cow Black Tie Dinner. Grab your place and come and network and socialise with the Blue Cow community. Relax in our welcoming community, enjoy a three course dinner and entertainment, dance the night away if you choose or bring your notebook and grill our speakers further!
As our community started to grow further, something special started to happen, we saw that our practice owner BC clients started to implement and achieve amazing things. Not only were they less stressed, reporting being happier, earning more money, they were creating their dream practices and starting to love life again. We wanted to recognise them in front of everyone at our annual Blue Cow Congress event. We created our unique Blue Cow Awards which celebrate achievements of our community. 
Who Should Attend This Event?
Practice Owners Who Want To:
  • Grow their practice
  • Get more new clients
  • Have better patient retention
  •  Earn more money
  • Have more time & freedom
  •  Attract and keep their dream team
  •  Have a practice that is more successful
Team Members Who Want To:
  • Be inspired
  • To learn in a fun environment
  • Learn practice growth stages
  • Have better patient retention
  • Who want to be the best they can be
  •  The tools you need to grow the practice consistently over the next year including patient attraction and retention, communication, leadership and List Building Strategies.
  • A unique line up of speakers and practice owners ready to inspire and empower you.
  • Our annual team member and practice owner awards where we honour this year's amazing winners. This will inspire you to see what is possible.
  •  An awards dinner surrounded by a successful, like-minded peer group.
  • Exclusive 'Exhibitors Area' where you can network and find new suppliers.
  • A beautiful and relaxing venue to take some time away from your busy life.
This event will be inspiring, motivational and fun - come and hang out with like minded peer group. Practice can be lonely - we have a thriving community waiting for you.
Felicity Crone
Banchory Spinal Health
“Blue cow has changed my life. I was a strung-out practice owner barely scraping by, miserable and stressed. I worried about my clinic all the time and couldn’t switch off from it. Since starting “Blue cow”, my turnover actually doubled within 3 months, with what felt like very little effort. My team and I are much happier and all excited about what the future may hold. I would never have thought I would be the kind of person to do something like this, but a friend told me to go for it and I’m so glad I did. If you’re considering it then PLEASE JUST DO IT!
And Here's What Makes Our Event So Unique...
1. Jo and Steve and the Blue Cow mentor speakers have all built successful health care practices right here in the UK. They have all used the Blue Cow Technology, all practice what they preach and they want you to be successful too. 

2. We have two awesome Blue Cow teams speaking at our event, all of whom have used the Blue Cow teachings to win customer service awards, increase their PVA (patient visit average) and grow their wellbeing community and they will be sharing their success secrets. This will inspire you and your team to see what is possible. 

3. We separate the event into two days with a separate intention for each day. Day one is for team building and practice growth strategies for the whole team. Day two is for the practice owners to work on themselves, their leadership and their business. There is something for everyone!

4.  It’s high energy with strategy! Meaning you can go home and implement immediately unlike jacuzzi experiences which only last whilst at the event or for a few days after.  

5. On Day two, we offer a ‘round table’ expert mastermind session, so you get to ‘pick the brains’ of our speakers and award winning practice owners. This is unique and we get awesome feedback from this networking opportunity. 

6. Our event ‘crew’ are made up of hand picked team members from award winning practices around the UK and Europe. They are passionate about taking great care of our delegates and guests just as they do in their practices. You will see AWESOME team members fully and positively participating and leading at this event. Again this will inspire you and your team.

7. We celebrate the practice owners and team members who are not only achieving great things in their practices, we also give out our highly anticipated ‘Special recognition awards’ to team members who deserve that extra thank you. This is extremely inspiring to hear about the amazing contribution that takes place when your practice is filled with motivated and passionate team members. 

8. This is the only event where we teach our award winning business model which is unique to Blue Cow and has helped hundreds of practice owners and their teams. You will return home with LOTS of useful strategies, tips and insights that you that help you grow your practice immediately. 

9. Blue Cow Congress is the MOST positive place you will find to surround yourselves with like minded practice owners and team members who want to help you achieve practice success. It is a unique, special and world class experience. 
Emma Fretwell
Chiropractor and Pet Rehab Specialist
'I am so grateful to Jo & Steve for the coaching, mentorship and general Get Stuff Done attitude that means we can concentrate on the business growth and how it serves us as owners - highly recommend these guys to any small business...'
Helen Harding
Harding Chiropractic
"Blue Cow has TRANSFORMED my life and practice."
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
This is why some of our awesome community members explain why they're excited to be attending Congress and why they think you should too.
Ready To Grow Your Practice Faster Than Ever?
Join Us For An Experience Like No Other
Many of our attendees have gone on to grow incredibly successful practices.

They are building their practices, attracting their ideal team members, seeing more
patients with more time, more revenue and more freedom. 

If you're ready to become a better practice owner, and help your team to grow too, then this is the place to be in October 2019.

Simply click the button below now to see the ticket options and to secure your place.
REMEMBER: Places are limited at this event, so be sure to get access now before we sell out.
Q: What are the dates for Blue Cow Congress 2019?
A: Oct 3rd and 4th 2019. 
The event kicks off at 9.30 on day one and ends at 5.30pm on day two. 

Q: Where is the venue?
A: 5 Lakes hotel near Colchester. It's an awesome hotel, with great facilities, parking on site, a luxury gym and spa. 

Q: What is the dress code for the dinner?
A: Thursday evening Blue Cow Dinner is a Black Tie / Lounge suit and posh frocks. Ticket only. Ticket includes food, refreshments, entertainment and networking. 

Q: Can anyone attend this event?
A: This event is perfect for practice owners and their teams.

Q: Can I bring my spouse?
A: Because of our very limited seating, all tickets must be purchased in advance and everyone in attendance must have a ticket. 

Q: What should I wear?
A: Dress code is flexible. For team day, we encourage that you and your team come dressed as a team. Not in uniform as such, but something creative that shows you are a team. On day two, smart casual is perfect.

Q: What time does the event start and finish on day one and day two?
A: The days begin at 9.30am sharp so please register on day one at 9am and be in the room at 9.25am. Days will end at 5.30pm

Q: Any other questions?
A: Contact: team@bluecow.online 
REMEMBER: Places are limited at this event, so be sure to get access now before we sell out.
As Featured By
The Blue Cow is the most advanced Personal Development concept today. Let them help you and your practice reach your true potential.
- Dr. Fabrizio Mancini | World-renowned chiropractor, international author/speaker and media expert.
Jo and Steve Davison have created a truly remarkable Blue Cow community. I’m inspired to be part of it!
- Dr John Demartini
Recently I had the privilege and honor to speak at The Blue Cow Congress in the UK. Drs. Jo and Steve, and the entire Blue Cow Community, are exceptional individuals on a quest to improve healthcare. They are individually and collectively committed to serve at the highest level. If I lived in the UK, I would certainly be a regular member of The Blue Cow Community.
- Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche | Vice President of Professional Relations Life University
Not only are Jo and Steve Davison great people, they are leaders in their field. Whether it’s developing discipline for growth in your workplace or creating strategies for your life, they will help you find your purpose and follow your path with authenticity.
- Ross McDonald DC | President of the Scottish Chiropractic Association
Chair of The Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable Trust
Jo and Steve have created space and a community where the very best mentoring helps teams and individuals to grow towards their highest potential. More strength to your arm I say. Thank you.
- Kevin Proudman | Former President of The United Chiropractic Association
Blue Cow is a wonderful fusion of enthusiasm and experience which comes together to create a community that is all about support. Jo and Steve can help you achieve your goals, motivate your team and have more fun in practice.
Dr Matthew Bennett | Former President of The British Chiropractic Association.
I have known Jo and Steve Davison for a number of years and watched with delight as their Blue Cow dream has become the Blue Cow reality for the many who have followed them. Jo and Steve, with their unique passion and enthusiasm, inspire, coach and challenge others into becoming the very best they can be!
Dr Berni Martin BSc DC FMCA | President, MCA
Jo Davison has spoken for the United Chiropractic Association on many occasions. She is very passionate about creating dream teams and chiropractors having a practice that they love to be in! I know that Jo and her husband Steve have been instrumental in helping many UK chiropractors with their journey to a WOW practice.
Melissa Sandford | On Behalf of the United Chiropractic Association
Jo and Steve have helped hundreds of Chiropractors build insanely successful practices. I have personally seen how Jo and Steves practice building strategies have transformed many practices.
Dr Ryan Rieder | Owner of The Halsa Group
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REMEMBER: Places are limited at this event, so be sure to get access now before we sell out.
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