for Women in Business 

Lead by Jo Davison



Women in Business

Lead by Jo Davison  
Hi, Women in Business....



  • Spending your time trying to balance running your business, leading your team, being a mum, wife or partner, ensuring your home is well organised and there is food in the fridge?
  • Finding yourself RUSHING around with a never ending ‘TO DO LIST’?
  • Comparing yourself to other women in business, thinking you should be further along and  have achieved more?
  • Comparing yourself to other mums and feeling you are inadequate?
  • Worrying about Money?  Not reaching your financial goals?
  • Feeling anxious?  Getting stressed about your business?
  • Feeling guilty when at work? Feeling guilty when at home?
  • Knowing you are successful but feel 'this can't be it'?
  • Not having enough time to achieve everything you want to get done.....
  • Want more clients for your business but not sure how to get them?
  • Want to earn more money?
  • Want to improve your sales?
  • Want to know how to deal with day-to-day challenges in your business?
  • Want to know how you can leverage, develop and grow your business?
  • Having "self doubt" days? Thinking about giving up? Want to know how to overcome those feelings?
  • Want to take actions but don't know where and how to begin?
  • JOIN US for an unforgettable RETREAT and find out!!!
....I DID TOO! 


'We are a direct reflection of the expectations of our peer group' (Tony Robbins) 
So connecting, networking and strategizing (and having fun) with fellow successful women in business is exactly the community we are creating as every attendee will apply to ensure suitability.

Women in business usually find themselves wearing lots of hats as they juggle many responsibilities in their business, home, and life. Running a business can become a lonely and stressful job without the right support around you. Focusing only on business can have a detrimental effect on our personal lives yet often we find ourselves feeling guilty if we take some time away. 

After a potentially fatal health scare, I knew I had to change the way I was living and working. I created a 5 step process to TRANSFORM my life as a women in business balancing work, kids, husband, house, health and life. I will be sharing these strategies at the RESET retreat.  

If you can relate to the challenges above, come and spend 2 life-changing days with me and my team of Blue Cow facilitators in an inspiring, safe and supportive environment. Along with a small group of like-minded women, we will take some time to RESET your business and your life. You will recharge your life. You will return REFRESHED and ready to take action. 

Take this UNIQUE opportunity to take some well-deserved me-time, gain clarity and refocus your business and life strategy to achieve both your personal and business goals.

    One of the most valuable aspects of Reset Retreat is the peer group. You will spend time learning, reflecting, pausing, re-discovering with women just like you and return home feeling energised! If you are like me, I tend to make time for events if they are related to business, but feel guilty about taking ‘me time’, and feel unable to justify taking time away from work, kids and family life. THIS IS WRONG! 

    You just need to get yourself there… Clear some SPACE in your busy life to come and work on the MOST important person in your life…. YOU! So if you need someone to give you permission, here it is…Your kids, your husband, Your partner, your business will be fine… Call in favors, ask your loved ones for support as you give yourself the GIFT of the RESET Retreat.

    Not only will you spend time carrying out the RESET process, I will spend ‘one to one’ time with each participant, to make sure that you leave with an individual action plan and the clarity to make it happen.

    The Retreat is held in a unique, beautiful Venue in Essex. Within easy reach of London. EVERYTHING is included in the ticket price: ACCOMMODATION, Awesome HEALTY FOOD especially prepared, DRINKS & SNACKS, RESET COACHING, MASSAGE & PAMPERING. One payment covers everything for the entire retreat! 
    As well as business we will be resetting our well-being with a holistic therapy team to give optional yet included in the price MASSAGE, selected BEAUTY treatments and MINDSET sessions. 
    Relaxation and rest time combined with strategy and GSD (get stuff done).

    So what have you got to lose? The question is what have you got to gain? 
    Places are strictly limited, so be sure to book yours immediately. 

    ‘It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped’ Tony Robbins. 

    Make a great decision and come and spend two days of your life with us ensuring your best life is yet to come. 

      "This group has been super fantastic for the support it’s provided me with - and the ability to be in touch with others in the same situations - it hasn’t mattered what sphere we are all working in - the help, love and support from others has really spurred me along! Thank you! And a big thank you to Jo Davison xx."

      Sarah Banham
      Jo Davison will be leading the RESET retreat along with her team of facilitators. Jo is a business woman, author, international speaker and mentor. Jo mentors small business owners in how to achieve a business that can run with or without them through her consulting company 'Blue Cow'. As a mum of 3 young children, Jo appreciates how women have to balance business and family life which is not easy. Jo loves to share her award winning strategies that she (and husband Steve) created and used to achieve their 7 figure business. These strategies are now used all around the world by small business owners who want to grow their businesses and serve more people, whilst at the same time creating more time, more money and more freedom with less stress for themselves. HOWEVER, Jo is passionate about coaching fellow 'Mumpreneurs' using her RESET PROCESS to support them as they transform themselves, their business and achieve their dream life. 
      "Jo is an inspirational lady who has not only encouraged me to start my journey as an entrepreneur but has helped me every step of the way to reach higher and achieve more. As a Mum of 2 I now run 2 businesses and have a great work life balance and I remain eternally grateful for Jo’s support and guidance to have helped to get me here."

      Charlotte McCrossin

        "Jo has helped me to look at my business objectively and make positive changes. She is fantastic support and her insights and invaluable. I highly recommend her service."

        Marcela Almond
        What is a Blue Cow?
        You may have heard about Jo and her Blue Cow Mooovement! You are a Blue Cow... you would not have read this far if not. Blue cows are dynamic, optimistic, courageous people who do not want to settle. They want to serve the world and achieve their dreams. Jo leads a mooo-vement of positive blue cow's who want to live their best life. The women at this retreat will all be Blue Cows. Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group (Tony Robbins). 

        What is the RESET Process?
        The Reset process is the 5 step strategy that Jo designed to Transform her business and life after a potentially fatal health scare. Using this process, you will RESET your business and life at the RESET retreat. 

        One of the most invaluable aspects of The RESET RETREAT is the Community. You will meet a new circle of friends-for-life with whom you can share and support each other along your journey.

        * Recharging
        * Clarity
        * Absolute Confidence in yourself and your ability
        * A new network of women exactly like you and me - IN BUSINESS, MOTIVATED, WANT TO HAVE INSPIRING CHATS

                                        And leave all your self-doubt behind you!


        Is accommodation included?
        Yes. Accommodation is provided for Thursday and Friday nights. Twin bedrooms are provided. 
        * Do not panic about sharing a room, you won't be in your room much during the retreat!

        Are food and refreshments included? Yes. 
        Thursday: lunch and Dinner
        Friday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
        Saturday: Breakfast 

        All food will be made fresh on site. We will contact you to determine if you have any dietary requirements in advance. 

        What are the Timings of the Retreat?
        The Retreat will start on Thursday at 11:00 am and end on Friday evening after dinner. Check out will be on Saturday morning around 10:00am.

        Can I bring my kids?
        We love kids! However this is a RESET Retreat  and so unfortunately kids cannot join you. (Sorry!) 

        I don't know anyone, will I fit in?
        If you are a women in business, we are your 'herd'. Step outside your comfort zone and you will be looked after in a fun, safe, supportive way. Come and spend some time with women just like you. 

        I can't make this one, will there be another?
        Move everything! The opportunity is now. Successful people take action. Attend this UNIQUE and special event. We are so confident you will get amazing value. Remember: The RESET RETREAT ISN’T ABOUT GOING AWAY, 

        If you have questions, please email

          DATE: THURSDAY 4th & FRIDAY 5th JULY 2019 
                   (Check in on Thursday at 11:00 am Check out on Saturday morning)

          Accommodation: two nights twin room accommodation is included.

          Fresh Healthy Food and Refreshments: included for the duration of the retreat. 
          We will contact you in advance to ask any special dietary requirements. 

          Massage and Beauty Treatments are also included!!

          Happiness life audit Workbook is included.

          A one to one coaching session with Jo Davison is included. 

          Places are STRICTLY limited and it is important to me to maintain a personal and intimate environment for everyone. I guarantee that every attendant receives personal time with me and the attention they deserve.

          INVESTMENT: £649.00  
          For upfront full amount payment you get 10% discount.
          For 3 instalments payments: 1st instalment payment of £249 on booking date is non-refundable, then 2 more instalments of £200 each on May 15th and June 15th.

          Blue Cow 2019